Strain Highlight: Harlequin

The beauty of Harlequin is mind blowing. She has a frosted, jazzy external appearance due to being densely covered in trichomes and red pistils.


The Harlequin is a Cannatonic strain. A Cannatonic is known for a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD and thus good for treating pain. I absolutely fell in love with this strain, I didn’t need any pharmaceuticals for the duration I had this strain in my reach. But then, I ran out. So the next time I was in Boulder I decided to stop by again, this time, they had something new for me to try… the beloved sativa-hybrid beauty known as Harlequin.

Stemming from the cross of Colombian Gold (70′s), Thailand, Switzerland, and Nepal landrace strains, ‘The Dandelion’ Harlequin flowers rank in at a staggering 11% CBD (other crops with lower averages are around 6-8%). This left the 1:1 ratio behind and now displays a 5:2 CBD:THC ratio, making it one of the highest CBD strains presently available. Additionally, she’s known to boast higher THC percentage as well in comparison to other high CBD strains, ranging from 3% to 7-8% averages, and noted at a maximum of 10%.

The beauty of Harlequin is mind blowing. She has a frosted, jazzy external appearance due to being densely covered in trichomes and red pistils. Her aroma is pure and delicate, showing signs of a musty sweetness of melons, berries and pineapple. There is an internal sweetness that follows suit as you take a hit. Her aftertaste can be floral, reminding me of a clean, fresh rosemary and mint combination, along with the earthy taste of hash.

Her effects, however, are what keep medical patients coming back for more. With some of the best pain and anxiety relieving qualities I’ve found yet in a cannabis strain, whenever I’m down in Boulder I make it a point to stop by and pick up some Harlequin. I know that with this particular masterfully crafted herb, I can naturally, and almost instantly, take control of my disease and not have to worry about the negative side effects that come with pharmaceuticals. Her nature and nurturing is simple. Harlequin wraps you in a blanket of comfort and care. With a less intoxicating, and more medicating benefit, she will take over your pains and struggles, and relax your entire being, body, mind and soul.